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A great end to what started out as a difficult week

Well, my goodness, we’ve seen it all this week! Sunshine and powder, yes, but also wind and even rain up to 2500m! You can imagine that conditions have been a bit tricky as a result… It dumped with snow on Sunday, and those who were out had a great time with some off-piste on-piste and in the trees where you could see. Monday, however, was a totally different story – the winds howled all night and by Monday morning we had glorious sunshine, but total devastation as far as the snow was concerned. One word – unskiable! Tuesday was a much better day and by Wednesday it was snowing again – hard. Again, it was a morning of off-piste on piste as there were very few people out and 10-15cms of fresh snow on groomed slopes more than made up for the lack of visibility. Thursday was a fantastic day if you were in the right place (read Tignes), considerably less so if you took the Val/Fornet option. By Friday, everyone had learned their lesson, and those who hadn’t taken the Tignes option on Thursday certainly did on Friday! We all had a great morning in glorious sunshine with mainly excellent snow. It was still a little wind-compressed in places, but nothing that a bit of attitude couldn’t sort out! We covered quite a bit of ground from the Jardins de Borsat for a nice gentle start, bottom of Borsat Nord, a Chardonnay (whoever put those steps in must have been a giant!!), a great Vallon de la Sache to finish in Tignes and an even better Familiale on the way home!

Today it was back onto skins. We headed off to the Cretes de Genepy followed by a Mont Roup. Genepy was particularly good with some great frisette snow and lovely easy skiing all the way down. Then it was another quick 30-min skin up to Mont Roup where it was great in parts, but crusty in others from the strong sun yesterday afternoon, so you had to have your wits about you. Pierrot went for a Terre Rouge today which I imagine was fantastic but I’ve not heard. Not sure what Yann did.

There’s more snow forecast for tomorrow afternoon which would be useful, but as usual it looks like we’re going to get wind as well. We had a strong foehn wind today which hasn’t helped conditions much, so the snow will be most welcome.