Another blowy one!

Conditions this week have been extreme to say the least! It’s made life tricky for the guides, but I’m always amazed that they manage to pull something out of the bag, even when it seems hopeless! Yesterday was still blowing very strongly, to the point where nothing was open on Solaise except the cable car, […]

windy skies

Mad, mad weather!

Well, it hasn’t been the best start for people who have arrived this week – after a fantastic weekend of great walks rewarded by fabulous spring conditions(Terre Rouge, Couloir a Chantal, Col du Milieu, Mont Roup and a couple of other bits) the resort has been all but closed for the last two days and […]

Col de montets


WAHEY!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout, but today was just amazing! It didn’t look that way at first, as the resort was shrouded in low cloud and still pretty warm, but Didier (along with the rest of the world, it seemed!) headed over to Fornet as it had been snowing for most of yesterday, and […]


What a glorious spring day!

Today was a real treat. After some distinctly “iffy” weather over the weekend, today dawned bright and clear. The few cms of snow that had fallen during Saturday night and a bit of Sunday had clearly done the terrain some good, so Didier opted for spring today rather than the cold north-facing slopes that he’d […]


From spring to winter and back to spring again!

Well, we seem to have gone from one extreme to another this last week. Fantastic spring conditions up to the end of last week gave way to snow and howling winds which made for some interesting conditions to say the least! Monday was a bit of a challenge in that we all knew that the […]


Spring, spring, spring!

The team has had a most fantastic week making the most of a mixture of fabulous spring conditions and what’s left of the cold snow on north-facing slopes. After a Pointe Pers followed by a Glacier Pers on Monday in cold “frisette” type snow, Didier had a huge morning on Tuesday with a Couloir 3500 […]

Precision Ski day crop

Our new home! Precision Ski, Squaw Valley

It’s been a while since I posted what with one thing and another, but we have some important news for you – we’re on the move again, but for the last time we hope. After two seasons where Antoine graciously hosted us in his deli/wine bar, La Cave sous le Comptoir, we felt it was […]

Pays Desert

Oh what a beautiful morrrrrning!

After the flat light on Monday and complete pea-soup yesterday, today was just a gift from Gods. We still managed some good skiing yesterday in that the snow was lovely, but the close-to-zero visibility definitely made for a tricky morning. Despite the very welcome new snow, you can still feel the base, especially on the […]

The end of a bittersweet week at iSki

The loss of Franck this week was certainly a bitter blow for us all. He was finally laid to rest is Ste Foy-les-Lyon on Thursday amongst some 400 of his family and friends, including of course a delegation from iSki in the shape of Laurent and Pierrot. The rest of the team was obliged to […]