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Blue skies and powder snow!

Yet again we’ve had a most amazing week with blue skies and fantastic powder ALL WEEK! After some fairly major snowfall last weekend with the most fantastic skiing but limited visibility, Monday dawned bright and clear and, for the first time this winter, COLD!!! Temperatures have remained cold all week except for yesterday (Thursday) which was a little warmer but, cold toes notwithstanding, it’s been great for the snow which has remained in excellent condition all week. By Wednesday it was starting to get to the point where much was what was reachable via gravity had been skied out, even if the snow remained good, so it was back onto skins for many or to other areas such as Ste Foy where Fogliete has just been amazing all week. Pierrot has been in the Dolomites all week, and judging from his photos on Facebook yesterday, he’s been having a fantastic time.

The skies are set to remain clear all weekend so, if you’ve not already done so, it’s time to blow the cobwebs off your touring equipment which has been gathering dust for the last couple of weeks and get skinning!