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Fabulous Fornet morning!

We woke up this morning to about 15cms of fresh powder that had fallen since yesterday afternoon and overnight. Didier and Pierrot both opted to head up Solaise, although Didier managed to fit in an Epaule du Charvet/bottom of the Face Est to start with – in short, we all had a fantastic morning. The visibility was just enough to see by for the most part and the snow was in pretty good condition, ranging from perfect powder to slightly more wind-compressed in places and a bit heavier at the bottom. After a few runs on Solaise (Super L which was amazing and the Mattis trees amongst others, we worked our way over to the Fornet and had a great run from the top of the Pyramides chair down onto the plateaus below the Grand Vallon all the way to the bottom. We went all the way back up and as luck would have it, the Signal drag opened just as we arrived which meant we were first into the Combe du Signal from the very top, and it was just AMAZING!! It’s not often you get to ski it in those conditions, let alone be the first in! In fact, it was so good that we swung back around to go and do it again, but once at thetop, Pierrot changed his mind and we headed off into the Grand Vallon instead. The top pitch was distinctly tricky as the wind had created the most enormous waves – even Pierrot did a complete somersault, but mountain goat that he is, managed to land on his skis! Anyway, it was worth struggling through as the lower sections were simply fabulous. We went all the way down to the bottom – the last sections in between the road were just fantastic – and crossed the river (it’s fast becoming our favourite spot!!). Fortunately for us, Didier had done something similar on his previous run, so there was a nice track for us to get back up onto the road – thanks Didier! We finished off with a final run down through the Bois Cognan having cumulated nearly 5000m vertical!

It’s still snowing now, so with a bit of luck it’ll be more of the same tomorrow!