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One of the best weeks of the season so far….

We’ve been blessed with the most fantastic snow conditions this week for the school holidays, and we have certainly made the most of it! If you check out the previous blog for the beginning of the week, you’ll see that we began the week in fine style, and it’s just gone on from there! Tuesday was a Tignes day with the highlight being the Couloir du Sablier down into the Sache with our multi-national, multi-generational team (see FB). Wednesday was another great day, this time right over the other side in Fornet, taking advantage of the mini “retour d’est” we’d had the night before. Yann and Pierrot both opted for skins on Wednesday and did the most fabulous Lores – again, check out Yann’s photos on FB, they are amazing! By Thursday, it was time for Didier’s group to skin up as well, and the choice was for a Couloir du Milieu. Once more, the photos and videos on FB say it all! Fab from top to bottom with pretty deep powder at the top to cold, chalky, pisted snow at the bottom. The Couloir a Chantal in Tignes  on the way down before you put your skins on was also exceptional.

I didn’t ski yesterday, but Didier went for a Couloir de Lorenzo (amongst other things), so actually I was pretty glad I didn’t go!! Once you’re in the couloir, it’s great (and was great, albeit very dodgy visibility) but I HATE getting there! Still, that’s just me, all you mountain goat types would love it! The little bit of snow we had yesterday afternoon was just enough to cover the tracks making today a much better day than expected too. As I write it’s now snowing quite heavily so tomorrow should be another great day if it doesn’t warm up too much.