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Powder, powder powder!!

Whoop, whoop!! The snow yesterday has made all the difference, and today was just magic as a result. At least, it was in the Fornet where I was. Yann headed over to Tignes and Pierrot is in the Queras and the other Pierre in Ste Foy as far as I know. Still, we had a fantastic morning with light, fluffy powder all the way. We got off to a late start as some muppet forgot their ski pass (that’ll be me, then), but headed straight up Solaise and dived into the Danaide (first time for me this season). The plateaus were fantastic while the tress at the bottom we a bit trickier as you could still feel the old crust underneath, but still perfectly skiable. After that it was up the Laisinants chair and down to the Pyramides in the Fornet via our favourite bits and pieces (table d’Orientation – ish) and then straight into a fabulous Combe du Signal. The snow was beautiful and although you could feel the bottom, it was pretty smooth and lovely easy skiing. After that it was back up for two Grand Vallons which were also wonderful, but you had to be a bit careful where you skied as the rocks still aren’t far away! Also the base was much bumpier on the steep sections, so keeping away from those, it was just fantastic. We cut across to the chair on the first one, albeit as low as possible, and then took a slightly different route down the second time limiting as much of the steeper stuff as possible, and it was even better than the first run! We took it right down to the road, and even the lower sections were good, much to my surprise, as I’s thought we’d hit the crust again, but no…

All of that and still back in the bus for 11.30am! I’m now just about to catch a flight to Amsterdam so will catch up again at the end of the week. Have a good one!