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Retour d’est – and that means powder!!

The last couple of days have seen possible the single biggest dump of snow since the beginning of the season. All of last week was good, but Friday was just amazing with sunshine and blue skies all day long – all of our off piste teams had a ball with near perfect conditions in glorious sunshine. Yann went for a Mont Roup and enjoyed the most wonderful ski down, whilst Pierrot went for a longer hike up to the Barmes de l’Ourse and again, made fresh tracks all the way down to the bottom. If you check out the videos on Facebook, you’ll see what I mean!

The weather held for most of Saturday morning so I headed over to Tignes with Didier’s team where we started off with a Lavachet, (lovely) before making our way over to the Sache. We had a boarder with us, so couldn’t take the classic route through the Sache as it’s too flat at the bottom, which meant that we ended up doing stuff in the Sache that I’d never done before. Didier managed to find the most amazing snow – deep and untouched powder which we thoroughly enjoyed, but was a bit tough on “intro” legs! After that, our intro couple decided to peel off for a well-earned rest whilst we finished off with a Glattiers that was a little bit more challenging as the snow was starting to get heavier by then. By the time we got back up to the top of Tovieres, the weather had well and truly socked in so we hoofed it home via the piste.

On Sunday morning we woke up to winter wonderland! We’d had nearly 50cms of fresh powder overnight which delayed the lift openings for at least 45 mins, but it was worth the wait. However, with a Risk 4 we needed to be careful, but even so, it was definitely a Morning Not To Be Missed!! Didier had taken the day off so we went out “en famille” with our nearly-11-yr-old daughter. We sorted her out with a pair of fat skis (giant slalom skis just weren’t going to cut it this morning) and headed off into the white stuff. After a bit of a sulky start (sigh), she was soon bouncing down like a pro and we had a superb morning. We saw Pierrot in the Super S with his clients – there must have been at least 40cms in there. After two runs in Super S (so good we did it twice!) we headed up Bellevarde for a fantastic Fontaine Froide into Santons and up the other side where we then worked out way back down into the bottom of Santons in festoon-style in fabulous, light, fluffy powder. It was great to see Anna enjoying herself so much as well.

This morning was yet another fantastic morning although visibility was challenging at times. A layer of cloud had settled at low altitude – as long as you were above it all was well, but once into the cloud you were literally skiing blind. We went for a Super S to start, and it was every bit as good as yesterday – another layer of fresh snow overnight had pretty much covered all of the tracks from yesterday and we had the most gorgeous run down. After that is was over to Bellevarde for a Banane which was much more difficult – the sun had already got to it so the top was heavy and sticky and then at the bottom we hit the cloud – yuk! So straight back up to Solaise and no more east-facing slopes! We had a fabulous Super L which we took in one pitch from top to bottom – it’s not often you get to do that, so big grins all round once we’d got our breath back! Then it was up the Laisinant, some great bits and pieces over to Pyramide and straight into the bottom of the Combe du Signal. Amazingly it was virtually untracked, so we had great fun in there! Slightly heavier snow than Super L and Super S, but excellent nonetheless – and again, so good we did it twice! We finished off with a Bois Cognan which was great fun in unbelievably deep snow, and we were the only ones in there! Fab!

Tomorrow is forecast to be much brighter with even a bit of sunshine, so we’re set for another great day!