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Spring is back!

After what can only be described as a thoroughly depressing start to the week (rain is never good for the morale, even if you know it’s likely to mean snow higher up) we finally got some much-deserved sunshine yesterday and today. We took advantage of Tuesday’s rain, which was of course snow on the Pissaillas, and had a lovely run out to the Pluviometre in beautiful sunshine (at last!!!) and even though we weren’t the first out there, by dint of a slightly different route and record skins-on/skins off and some VERY energetic walking, we were rewarded by being first into the ski down. There was between 5-10 cms of fresh powder made very creamy by the heat on a reasonably soft base (thanks again to the high temperatures) so we had a fantastic ski down to the valley where it was skins on again for a more leisurely walk back up to the drag. Check out FB if you want to see the photos!

Today was a very different story as we had a proper re-freeze for the first time in at least 5 or 6 days and fantastic sunshine to boot. Yann and Pierrot both opted for a Col des Fours hoping for some spring conditions. There was no point in rushing as we knew it wouldn’t be “cooked” much before midday, so after working our way over to Fornet, we had a lovely couple of runs on totally smooth, firm spring snow on the section behind the Sema lift down to the drag before skiing down to the Pont des Neiges where it was skins on for the walk up to the Col des Fours. Even taking our time, we still had a fair wait at the top for the snow to soften enough to make it a nice ski down. We had a lot of avalanche debris to get across on the steep west-facing slopes, and the first few turns were definitely on them firm side, but by the time we’d descended 50 or 60m or so, we were onto fabulously smooth spring snow, totally untouched. Wonderful! In fact we had a glorious run all the way down with the whole place to ourselves. Even the plateaus at the bottom were still good, if a bit rain-dimpled, but by then plenty soft enough to ski.

Tomorrow’s forecast is nothing like as good, so we’ll see how we get on!