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Spring is here!

It’s been a little while since I posted, and conditions have certainly changed – we’re now well and truly into spring skiing and walking virtually every day. It’s tricky to find smooth spring snow to ski by gravity, so skinning is pretty much obligatory. We had the most fabulous morning in Ste Foy on Thursday in fantastic spring conditions all the way down to the Pigettes avalanche barriers via a route I’ve never taken before. It meant putting the skins back on for 15-20 mins once we got to the bridge where everything converges, but it was well worth it as it virtually doubled our descent in conditions that were even better than the first half! Shame I was too busy enjoying myself to take photos as it was truly beautiful.

That said, cold snow is still an option in some places – we did a lovely Col des Montets on Tuesday (just don’t mention the final climb up the wall please….) and Yann was there yesterday with his group and enjoyed a lovely ski down with everyone making their own tracks. The good news is that we can ski through the Gorges de Malpasset at the moment, so it gives us a few more options in the Fornet area. We went for a Col du Milieu yesterday and enjoyed a superb ski down in warm powder thanks to the little dusting of snow from Friday. To be honest we weren’t quite sure what to expect – I know that Didier was worried that the new snow would have adversely affected the spring conditions – so what we got was a real bonus!

A bit more snow is forecast for this afternoon and tonight, so we’ll see how that affects things tomorrow. All the photos from this week are on Facebook, so check them out!