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Yet another powder day!!

In fact, it’s been pretty much a powder week, but today was exceptional! We started off with some great “off piste on piste” with Fontaine Froide, Santons and the L, all of which had a good 15cms of fresh snow on a beautifully smooth base. The snow was slightly compacted by the wind in some places, but once we were in the sheltered areas, it was light, fluffy and abundant! Although it wasn’t sunny, if we stayed below the tree line we had enough light to see by – considerably more than yesterday anyway – and that made all the difference. After the L we took the Laisinant chair and circled back around to the right for a Super L right down to the bottom, which was fabulous! Then back up the Laisinant and onto the Glacier chair for the bottom half of the Combe du Signal – that was also amazing snow but we were definitely skiing blind! Not that it mattered too much as the snow was light and fluffy and we couldn’t feel the base. Then it was bits and pieces off the sides and over the edge to ski the couloir below the cable car in some seriously deep snow! I don’t recall ever having done that before, and apart from the very bottom where you can feel the bumps on the Foret piste, it was fab! Then it was back up the cable car to finish off with a great Plan Charbonel, again via a route I’ve not taken before through the trees where we ended up virtually in the river, but on the Fornet side. We all worked up a bit of an appetite working our way back across and up to the village! Check out Yann’s photos on Facebook.

Didier also elected to stay around Bellevarde and Solaise for a good part of the morning before working his way over to the Fornet. He managed a wonderful Lievre Blanc, Marmottons, bottom of Banane and a whole bunch more. I think everyone wore their clients out this morning, but it was worth every second – huge grins all round!

After a brief window of sunshine around lunchtime, the weather has socked in again, the wind has got up and it’s snowing again…. Let’s hope tomorrow is as good as today!